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Perifit is a probe from perineal reeducation connected that allows you to control video games with your perineum.

Perifit is a medical device recommended by healthcare professionals to prevent prolapse and incontinence, permanently eliminate the need to wear pads, recover quickly after childbirth or surgery, regain strength and bladder control, and regain intimate confidence.

Perineum specialists have designed these sets to properly strengthen the perineum. It works so well that over 1000 doctors already recommend Perifit for incontinence, prolapse and other pelvic floor disorders.



There are two parts to the perineum: the superficial plane and the deep plane. Strengthening the entire pelvic floor is key to achieving fast, significant, and lasting results. Designed to strengthen the deep and superficial pelvic floor layers, Perifit is the only perineal strengthening device with two pressure sensors.



More than a billion women experience pelvic floor disorders such as incontinence or prolapse.

Kegel exercises strengthen your perineum to combat incontinence, pelvic floor disorders and improve intimate well-being.

Unfortunately, it's hard to work the muscles you can't see. Perifit takes the guesswork out of you.


There are two secrets to achieving significant results with Kegel exercises:
  • Perform your Kegel exercises correctly
  • Perform your Kegel exercises regularly

It's easy! And that's why the free Perifit pelvic floor training app focuses on these two essentials of pelvic floor training. 

It doesn't matter that you know how to contract your perineum. Everything is clearly explained in the app. You will learn how to control your perineum step by step.


Once you understand how to control your perineum, you can switch to manual mode to watch your perineum contract in real time. This mode allows you to see the contractions of the superficial and deep levels of the pelvic floor as you do the exercises. This saves you the guesswork!


Each exercise performed with Perifit is based on biofeedback (or biological feedback), the most effective technique for obtaining significant results with your perineal rehabilitation exercises.



The instructions and the manual mode have taught you how to perform the perineal rehabilitation exercises correctly; it's time to explore the type of exercises that will bring you the best results. The Perifit assessment is based on a series of questions and a test on your pelvic floor. Thanks to this evaluation, you can choose the training program that will bring you the best results. Plus, by repeating this assessment every month, you can see real progress.

Perifit includes six training programs designed by worldwide pelvic floor experts:

  • Prevention: this program strengthens your pelvic floor to prevent perineal disorders
  • Stress incontinence: this program reduces small leaks of urine when you cough, sneeze, run or laugh
  • Overactive bladder: this program reduces the strong and urgent need to urinate before losing a large amount of urine
  • Mixed Incontinence: This program provides the benefits of the "Stress Incontinence" and "Overactive Bladder" programs.
  • Post-Partum: this program speeds up your recovery after giving birth
  • Intimate well-being: this program helps you achieve stronger and faster orgasms.
Each training program includes 10 levels of difficulty, allowing you to quickly progress to the next level.

Perifit is rated 4.7/5 by customers.
"Perifit is likely to become the must-have for connected women"

Product presentation video

Perifit presentation video as seen on The Drs show
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does the app cost?
Nothing, the application is totally free. We regularly add new games to the app through updates. These updates are also free, there is nothing to pay to get the new games.

How do I recharge the Perifit device?
You don't need to reload it. The Perifit device comes with a fully charged battery that has a 10-year battery life for continuous training. The battery is guaranteed for 5 years and is replaced free of charge if it goes flat. Beyond 5 years, Périfit replaces the battery for 29 euros.

Is my phone compatible with the Perifit app?

The Perifit app is free and compatible with all smartphones and tablets: 

  • from iPhone 4S
  • from iPad 3
  • from Android 4.4 for Android phones and tablets


Is it possible to use Perifit with a prolapse?

Yes, it is also recommended to use Perifit as soon as possible to avoid the operation. 


Is it possible to use Perifit with an IUD?

Yes, you can use Perifit with an intrauterine device or IUD. The tip of your Perifit probe is the part that connects to your phone or tablet and remains permanently outside your body. The perineal rehabilitation device is completely covered in medical grade silicone, with no exposed parts, so there is no danger in using it with an IUD.


Is Perifit safe?

We are aware of the fact that you trust us with an intimate part of your body; so we worked hard to earn that trust. The Perifit perineal rehabilitation device is 100% waterproof, made from medical grade silicone, and has gone through rigorous quality controls including waterproof and shock resistance tests.


How do I know if Perifit is truly effective?

The development of Perifit was overseen by a medical committee made up of international experts in perineal rehabilitation and biofeedback. Numerous studies show that our method of perineal rehabilitation is one of the most effective, with the immediate measurement of force being the absolute reference.

Designed and developed in France