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Veille sur Toi offers comforters and nightlights in the shape of animals. Popular themes include tiger, rabbit, fox, bear and koala. Babies love to hold them quietly in their hands when travelling in a stroller.

For many babies and toddlers, the blanket or "comforter" is an essential part of childhood. This cuddly and much loved object has also saved many parents from sleepless nights or stressful outings.

There is something very endearing about seeing a small child or baby hugging his or her blanket. The image is not only cute, it also evokes cuddly, sleepy children and a peaceful break for tired moms and dads.

During the child's early years, the comforter seems almost like a part of the family. Are you preparing the diaper bag for an outing? In the bag, you have to put the snack, water, rattle, bib, diapers, wet wipes.... and the comforter!

Personalizing a blanket increases the child's attachment to it. With a name and a personality, the blanket becomes as real as any of his friends. A little one asking for "tigger" or "koko" so they can take a nap is one of the sweetest things you'll ever hear.

Sleeping companion

The Sleepytime comforters plush comforters give your baby a feeling of love and security as they cuddle with them to help them fall asleep quickly. The colorful baby blanket with cute design can attract your baby's attention.


Don't worry if baby bites his fingers, cries, plays, drools or is emotionally unstable. The comforter Watch Over You will do its job when baby goes for a walk in the stroller or car. A blanket is a comforter for the child and an assurance for the parents that once the blanket is in hand, their baby will soon be napping.

All babies begin to experience some separation anxiety when they reach about seven months of age. This is a natural part of a baby's development. Separation anxiety can also interfere with nighttime sleep and cause your baby to wake up and call you.

If you choose a comforter Watch Over YouIf you choose a Staying Put comforter, your baby, at around three months of age, will attach to something else in addition to you for comfort. The blanket becomes an object of attachment, a familiar and comforting object that can help the baby fall back to sleep or feel safe.

A comforter is a soft, warm, cuddly object that smells familiar and feels good on your baby's skin. It's also an object that your baby can get used to, no matter where she sleeps. It can make any unfamiliar place feel like home.

Young babies are often displaced. Having something familiar and comforting, such as a blanket, helps babies feel more comfortable wherever they are.

Watch Over You Nightlight

Cute and functional Nightlights will help your children fall asleep at night and overcome the fear of the dark. For the little ones, parents will be able to see their surroundings better.

When you become a parent, bedtime becomes pure bliss: your little one turns into a sleeping cherub, the world stops and you all get some well-deserved rest. Or at least that's what you dream of!

The reality is that during the first year, you'll have to go in and out of your baby's room several times a night to feed and change him. And later, coughs and colds, bad dreams and potty training will cause middle-of-the-night awakenings for toddlers.

A nightlight is essential for nighttime activities. A nightlight provides enough light to change diapers or feed your baby, but is gentle on tired eyes. The dim light also helps you and your child fall asleep.

« We are a team that is passionate about the world of children and
We are a team passionate about the world of children and we are committed to offering you products of the highest quality.. »

- Team Veille sur Toi

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