Involvement & Community

Our mission

Popularize access to washable diapers by offering quality products at a fair price while, at the same time, contributing to organizations that help families need.   

Nos actions

A part of the profits from our sales will be given back to our community. We are happy to offer starter kits to different organizations who are helping families with various difficulties. 


  • September 2017: Various products totaling  $660 was given to “La fondation Mères et Monde,” who devotes to improve the life quality of mothers between 16 and 30 years old.


    • December 2017: Various products totaling $752 was given to the “Centre Marie-Ève,” who are dedicated to welcoming and supporting women living with difficulties during pregnancy and during the first two years of their child.


    • August 2018: 125 diapers and inserts totaling $1804  was given to the “Centre Marie-Ève” to allow the center to offer free rental of diapers to their beneficiaries.

      • September 2018: 5 nursing pads sets with a mini bag were offered for the Shawinigan Breastfeeding challenge.


      • October 2018: 20 diapers and inserts totaling $324 has been donated to “La fondation Mères et Monde.


      • May 2019: $250 was given to the elementary school “Trivent 2” for the purchase of 3 new picnic tables to allow the establishment of exterior class periods.


      • May 2019 : A starter kit for two children totaling $625 was given to “la fondation Mères et Monde” to help a mother in need. 

      • Juilly 2019: $200 was donated to the Facebook group “CFCL” to sponsor food for the BBQ event organized for cloth diapers passionate. 

      • September 2019: A Curves nursing pad set was offered to the Breastfeeding challenge in Ville-Marie.

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      • November 2019: $500 was given to “Havre de la Faune” to finance their project to help wild animals in the Bas-St. Laurent region.


        • November 2019: 6 swimming pool diapers were offered to the Christmas event of the Association of Parents of twins and triplets of the Montreal region.

        • December 2019 : $250 was donated to the “Matinées mères-enfants de Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval,” to support them in their mission to break the isolation of parents at home.


        • December 2019 : $250 was given to the “Fondation Autisme Laurentides.”

        • February 2020: A cloth diaper starter kit totalling $360$ was given to the “Fondation Mères et Monde.”

        • June 2020: $460 was given to the elementary school “Trivent 1” for the purchase of 4 new picnic tables, in order to allow the establishment of exterior class periods.

          • July 2020: Personal protective masks were given for free to “Mères et Monde,” to allow their residents and their children to be conform with Public Health rules (value of $805)


          The"Audrey" Project

          One hundred percent of the profits generated by the sale of the “Audrey” diaper will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

          For you… Mom, Audrey, Mamy, Louise… Always in memory … and turned to hope…