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Swim Diapers - Find the Perfect Diaper for Swimming with Your Baby

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The swim diaper you need for your day at the beach or at the pool!

What are swim diapers?

Swim diapers were created to help parents and babies, and actually everybody in a pool, enjoy their time in the water! The goal of swim diapers is to prevent, or at least delay as long as possible, solid leaks in the water should your baby have an unfortunate bowel movement. The feel and fit of this type of diaper is very close to a regular diaper and they can be used just like swimsuits.

How are diapers made for swimming different from regular diapers?

Regular diapers, while great for keeping your baby as clean as possible, will not do very well if they’re used in a swimming pool. As we all know, baby diapers are all about absorption: they are designed to absorb as much pee and number twos as possible to avoid any leaks. However, you can imagine what happens if regular diapers are worn in a swimming pool!

Although they have some absorbent layers, the reusable option is all about the outer layer. If too much absorbent material was used, they would quickly be saturated with water, stopping them from absorbing an accident and becoming much heavier, two things you definitely want to avoid when your baby is in public pools. The material used behaves more like swimsuits, with most of them being pull-up style.

What are the different types of baby swim diapers?

Disposable style swim diapers

Disposable swim diapers can usually be purchased more affordably compared to reusable cloth ones. Nevertheless, using disposables loses its appeal if your child uses a diaper often. Using a few disposable diapers every day because your kids usually go for a swim multiple times, or if you’re vacationing in the pool, can quickly add up.

Reusable swim diaper

These types of swim diapers are perfect for active baby swimmers, and are usually composed of a waterproof layer and removable/built-in diaper absorbent material! They are more durable than their disposable counterparts and offer better performances, a better fit and better design for your young child. Also, they are easier to clean because you can clean them in the washer after they have been used. Tossing them in the laundry after a swim rather than throwing that waste away is environmentally friendly.

However, if you don’t get too much use out of it, a reusable swim diaper can be costly for parents.

Do swim diapers really work?

A water diaper’s design offers protection for solids, not liquids like pee or diarrhea

A reusable swim diaper has a very specific job to do: stop poop from getting in the pool by keeping it inside the diaper. The objective isn’t to stop pee from getting in the water, only solid fecal matter!

When it comes to protection against poop, a reusable swim diaper from AuxPtitsCadeaux will do an amazing job. Thanks to an adjustable waistband using an adjustable snap, you can go in the water without fear that an accident will happen: our baby swim diapers offer the protection you need thanks to quality material and a waterproof layer.

However, keep in mind that even the best swimming diapers cannot guarantee protection if your child has runny stools or stomach problems such as diarrhea!

What to look for in a swim diaper?

Like for all diapers, you must choose between reusable and disposable diapers

Is your little one frequently in the pool? Is he a good swimmer? If so, you may want to consider a reusable diaper. It might cost you more upfront, but the investment is well worth it in the long run (especially if you have more than one kid!). You may also find it more convenient, because you can throw it in the wash after you get out. Lastly, reusable swim diapers are generally more stylish and better for the environment than disposable ones.

Make sure the diaper fits your baby perfectly to keep the poop contained

Pool diapers have to be tight so that they don’t leak, but they should also fit properly in the pool. That’s why many swim diapers offered by AuxPtitsCadeaux have a waist band, leg openings and sides that can be cinched. So be sure to check your package’s sizing charts and get your diaper fitted by a trained staff or by the pool store personnel if possible. They can be a little tight in the beginning but they should loosen up after a few minutes in the pool.

Affordable swim diaper, or adjustable swim diapers that will last

Disposable diapers may seem appealing at first because of their lower price, but if you use them regularly, they become a costly option. The fact you can use them over and over for a long period makes reusable diapers cheaper overall, but if you need a swim diaper once for a special occasion, you might consider a disposable diaper. However, you shouldn't expect as good of a fit and quality!

Find the right design and style

A great advantage offered by reusable swim diapers over disposable is that the material used allows for more creativity and beautiful products with cute patterns or images. Instead of generic diapers, your child can wear products that look like little swimsuits that they can easily wear thanks to a pull-up style. Finding the perfect swim diaper can make your day at the beach a whole lot better!

How to clean a reusable swim diaper?

It is important to take good care of your newborn cloth diapers if you want to keep them longer! Although washing cloth diapers may seem complex, it is important to wash them regularly to avoid stains and odours. Here are some tips to guide you in the maintenance and how to wash a messy diaper.

First of all, it is important to first remove the excess solid residue by turning the built-in, reusable swim diaper inside out. Once the diaper is inside out, rinsing the material with cold water before washing is recommended to remove the excess and allow better preservation of the panties. We recommend washing cloth diapers in hot water and air drying or drying on low heat.

Steps to washing a swim diaper

  1. Change the diaper away from the swimming pool in the bathroom or designated changing area.

  2. Report any accidents that occur in the pool to the proper authorities;

  3. Put diapers in a diaper bag to prevent odours and leaks

  4. You can either hand-wash/rinse or machine wash in cooler/warmer water; make sure you're diligent with soap!

  5. Run an extra final rinse to ensure everything is removed from the material.

  6. Wash your hands, put a pad in the underwear or cloth diaper, and wipe the area afterwards.

  7. If you find a diaper with a soft, flexible cover, it should be able to “air dry clean”. Some swim pads with plastic foam can be left in the dryer.

What to avoid in the maintenance of your washable diapers!

The use of fabric softener is strongly discouraged since it can contribute to premature deterioration and reduce the effectiveness of your cloth diapers.

In addition, the use of creams containing zinc, paraffin, mineral oils, cod liver oil or petroleum jelly (vaseline) is not recommended. The presence of these products in your diaper creams could damage your washable diapers.