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Stop bedwetting

No more bedwetting with Ledoux Réflexe

Aux P'tits Cadeaux has developed a collaboration with Ledoux Réflexe to offer your little ones a solution against nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) by offering you a promo code(cadeau5 ) allowing you to obtain an additional detection strip when renting or buying the Dry4ever nocturnal enuresis alarm®.

Ledoux Réflexe, a Quebec company, has been specializing in the treatment of nocturnal enuresis for over 60 years. Their vast experience has enabled them to develop the Dry4ever® nighttime enuresis alarm, which is made in Quebec. Easy to use, the wireless system allows for quick detection regardless of the child's sleeping position and when the bladder is still full. A few drops of urine are enough to trigger the alarm.

After testing a few systems against bedwetting for our children, it seems to us without a shadow of a doubt that the Dry4ever system is by far the most efficient and up-to-date in modern technology.

Why Ledoux Reflex?


Immediate detection

Machine washable


What is the Dry4ever system®?

A Warning system (alarm) which is equipped with several tones, a volume and an indicator light. The bedwetting alarm is triggered when the child emits his first drops of urine in the panties.

A small wireless transmitter that you attach to your child's underwear or training pants.

The system comes with 4 sensor strips. They are made of flannel, soft and very comfortable. You simply place a sensor strip in your child's underwear or training pants, then attach the strip to the two snaps on the transmitter. The strips can be machine washed and dried. Using the promo code (cadeau5), you will receive an additional strip free of charge when you purchase or rent the Dry4ever system.

A vibrator which is a very useful stimulus for children who sleep soundly and do not wake up at the sound of the alarm. This powerful vibrator can be placed under the pillow or under the mattress.

One follow-up program with charts and graphs. With this program, the parents and the child have access to various graphs that allow them to better follow the evolution of the treatment. After each request for analysis of the chart (unlimited), Ledoux Réflexe will contact the parent by telephone to interpret the results of the treatment and to make comments and recommendations.

Did you know that most group insurance companies in Canada reimburse part or all of the cost of the system?

How do I get the Dry4ever system®?

The system is available for purchase or rental on the Ledoux Réflexe Web site at the following address

Simply use the promo code ''cadeau5' ' at the time of purchase to receive a 5th detector strip free of charge.