Baby Wipes - Reusable Wet Wipes Made to Protect your Children’s Skin

When it comes to taking care of your baby, you want to make sure you are using the best products possible. That includes finding the best baby wipes for your little one! Washable baby wipes have made an entrance in the market for eco-conscious parents that also wish to save money in the long run! Learning everything about reusable baby wipes including how they are made and with what materials, how safe they are for your babies, how to use them, and the benefits of using them.

What are washable wipes?

Washable baby wipes are square cloth wipes you can use on your baby to gently clean their bottoms, hands, and faces. They come in handy because they can be washed and reused after they are used for diaper changes and cleaning up your baby after a messy meal. Instead of using paper or plastic single-use wipes parents have the option to use wipes that can be washed to reduce waste and costs of wet wipes.

Reusable baby wipes are extremely safe on your newborn’s skin, their material out of cotton is soft and will not irritate the skin. When using washable wipes for the first time, try baby or cotton-like square cloths at first. When changing a nappy, try to select cotton (flanneled or terry) or bamboo, which may have a different feel when cleaning the nappy.

What to consider when purchasing baby wipes for sensitive skin

Baby wipes should have no scent. Baby wipes are used to clean babies' bottoms, and scented wipes could cause irritation to babies' delicate skin. Soaps and other cleansers are better options.

Baby wipes should be thick and durable. They shouldn't fall apart easily when you're using them. If they do, it's a sign that the wipe is too thin or not strong enough for your needs. You can also find wipes with an adhesive strip on one side of the wipe that helps keep the wipe in place while you use it.

Wipes should be easy to wash. Wipe manufacturers often recommend washing your wipes by hand. This will help prevent bacteria from growing on the wipes. It's best to rinse wipes thoroughly after each use. However, if you don't want to wash your wipes by hand, you can purchase a machine designed specifically for cleaning wipes.

Wipes specially designed for babies with extra sensitive skin are great for soothing and cleaning up after diaper changes. Hypoallergenic wipes usually contain fewer harsh chemicals than regular wipes. Some wipes are even tested out by dermatologists and recommended by them! These wipes are appropriate for everyday use on baby's sensitive skin since they do not have all of the chemicals included in disposable wet wipes such as alcohol and sometimes boric acid.

How to wash reusable wipes?

Fortunately, reusable wipes are extremely easy to clean! After use, remove the solids with an initial rince in the sink and then you can throw them in the laundry as if it was a washcloth that you had just gotten dirty. They can be washed with reusable diapers and other washable baby items safely.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The wipes come in contact directly with the soft and sensitive skin of your baby and using the right soaps and detergents is crucial not to irritate the skin of your baby. In addition, when using the proper cleaning products, the wipes have a longer usability life.

Can I wash my baby wipes in the washing machine?

Many people believe that baby wipes should not be washed in the washing machine because it could deteriorate the quality of the wipes. However, thankfully this belief is false! You can safely throw the wipes in the washing machine with special cleaning products and drying systems to guarantee no deterioration of their quality.

Can I use bleach in diapers or baby wipes?

We always recommend our parents not to use bleach on wipes and to use a natural care system for diapers and other clothes that come in direct contact with the skin of their baby. Bleach can irritate the skin of a child if they have sensitive skin. If you find yourself with stained baby wipes and diapers and you have tried all of the natural ways to get rid of the stains, a small dose of bleach can be used.

When it comes to bleach, you always need to use the lowest amount of bleach necessary to get rid of the odor. Before using the product on your child again we highly recommend that you make sure that there is absolutely no more smell of bleach on the wipes. The easiest way to use bleach in baby wipes is to add the bleach to the wash water before you wash the wipes. You can also use bleach in the rinse water of the wipes after you wash them.

Safe way to use bleach

Here is how bleach could be used to get rid of stains on wipes. These steps are what follows after the wipes have been soiled by baby feces and/or pee.

  1. Rince the extra residue in the sink in cold water

  2. In a bucket, let the wipes soak in cold water with a dash of bleach for 24 hours

  3. Thoroughly rinse the wipes multiple times until you no longer smell the bleach

  4. Throw the wipes in the washing machine to get rid of all the extra bleach and residue of poop and pee.

  5. Add an extra rinse to the load to make sure that they are well stripped of bleach or other whitening products

  6. After the wash if they still smell like bleach, start another load to rinse them again in the wash.

  7. Once there is no more smell of bleach you can air dry them and reuse them again

IMPORTANT NOTE: Know that the use of bleach will impact the quality of the wipes.

Natural Care : How should I wash baby wipes?

For natural care : Which kind of soap do I need to wash baby products with?

Not all kinds of soaps can be used to wash baby products like their clothes or reusable wipes and diapers. Some have strong chemicals (like alcohol) that could irritate the skin of your baby and it is important to choose the right soap for the safety of your baby. In addition, using a softer and gentle cleanser detergent will increase the lifetime of your baby products.


  • Rinse in cold water or slightly warm water

  • Put in for a cold soak for 24 hours

  • Throw in the washing machine and use a safe detergent without a strong smell. Examples of a gentle cleanser can be found in our detergent section.

  • You can also use laundry balls that were created to soften the materials

  • Place your cleaned wipes in a wipes dispenser for easy reach. Box dispensers can be useful for traveling and other activities.


  • Do not use softener. These affect the quality of your reusable wipes and give them grease stains. Rule of thumb is to avoid all products that have a strong fragrance. When in doubt use fragrance free products

  • Do not use vinegar

  • Do not use products that have chlorine, bleach or alcohol. Whitening products can irritate your child and impact the quality of your wipes.

How to dry reusable wipes

Wipes should be air dried. Throwing the wipes in the dryer will help stains get embedded into the wipes and removing them will be near impossible. Air drying your wipes will also give them a longer shelf life as the high temperature in the dryer affects the fibers of the materials.

If you are concerned about the softness of the wipes you can throw them in the drying for 5 to 10 minutes at the end of their drying time and they will come out soft for your baby’s bum!

Natural care on how to get rid of stains on baby wipes

One of the main issues with reusable baby wipes is the accumulation of stains on them. For some parents there is not an issue and for others, stains must be gone! If you wish to remove stains from your baby wipes there are multiple methods you can attempt that will not irritate the skin of your baby and that will not deteriorate the quality of the wipes. Throwing the wipes in the dryer will help the stains be embedded in the material. We recommend that you always air dry the wipes to reduce stain building and this will also give your wipes a longer shelf life.

For dark and strong stains marks we suggest that you let the wipes soak in a cold bath with fiel soap, this soap can be found in zero-waste stores to buy in bulk. Rub the wipes together gently so as not to impact the fibers. After 30 mins the wipes should be near stain free. Let them dry under the sun, the sun has magical properties that will also help whiten your stained wipes.

Which kind of baby wipes are the best?

There are different kinds of baby wipes on the market. Each one is designed for a different purpose and to clean a different type of surface. For example, baby wipes are designed to clean babies' skin. In addition, wipes can be designed to clean the surface of your baby's toys.


Baby wipes are manufactured for the use of the parents on their baby’s skin. All of the materials that are used to make baby wipes are soft and safe for the skin of your children. They are all sensitive wipes made for sensitive skin. In the end it comes down to a question of preference, some parents prefer cotton wipes for their rapidity in cleaning up a mess while others prefer slow absorbity but no leak bamboo reusable wipes because they can absorb a lot of fluids.


Washable baby wipes are a great tool for babies. They are a great way to clean up spills, get rid of dirt, and clean baby's toys or your baby's skin. One of the best things about washable baby wipes is the fact that they are reusable. When you use these wipes, you are using them to clean up a lot of things. That means you are not wasting a lot of material. In addition, when you use your baby wipes, you can keep them in a reusable container. This helps you keep track of your baby's baby wipes.

There are also baby wipes that are designed to clean your baby's hands and face. These are the most important wipes for your baby. You want to make sure you are using a brand of baby wipes that is designed to clean your baby's hands and face. In addition, you want to make sure you are using baby wipes that are gentle enough that your baby doesn't get hurt. It is important to note that washable baby wipes are designed to clean your baby's hands and face. They should not be used to clean your baby's toys. When you are using your baby wipes, make sure to follow the instructions located on the back of your baby wipes.

Some parents try to make homemade wipes, as these can be effective multiple uses however they are not like our thicker wipes and they do not have the same absorption levels as washable wet wipes. As long as parents are not using wipes with harsh ingredients we are happy for the babies.


Washable baby wipes are designed to clean your baby's hands. There are different kinds of baby wipes that are designed to clean your baby's skin. One of the best brands of baby wipes for your baby is Baby Tots. This is because Baby Tots are designed to clean your baby's skin.

In addition, you want to make sure you are using washable baby wipes that are designed to clean your baby's hands. When you are using your baby wipes, make sure to follow the instructions located on the back of your baby wipes. Never use disinfectant wipes to wipe your baby. Some of the chemicals in disinfectant wipes can be very harmful to your little ones.

The skin of infants and toddler skin is extremely vulnerable to harsh chemicals. Scented skin cleanser should be avoided so as not to irritate their soft outer layer. Our staff recommends that toddler skin and the skin of infants be well moisturized, especially the areas that are constantly being rubbed. This includes the bum, the face, and the hands and arms.

How many disposable baby wipes do you use?

A disposable wipe has one single use. On average parents will use the equivalent of 100 packs of baby wipes in their baby's first year. That's a lot of waste created and a lot of money spent especially for the high end brands of wipes. Change your old habits for better ones by purchasing a package of reusable baby wipes to save money and the planet!

Uses of disposable baby wipes other than diaper change

Even though most of it comes from diaper changes, we will usually still need to wipe their hands while they are learning to eat solids and when they are playing; they often seem to prefer to wipe their hands off while they learn to eat. They are also pretty convenient to quickly clean up a mess, which is bound to happen almost everyday with a baby! We always recommend our new parents to have disposable wipes available in case of an accident.

Since many disposable wipes come in sealed packs and do not expire, it is possible to buy multiple containers and stockpile them. But what is the actual cost of disposable baby wipes?

How many disposable wipes do you need to buy?

One year, a new baby will need between 36 and 40 baby wipes for every day of the year. On average, a newborn will have approximately 1,100 baby wipes in 30 days. This represents 3,300 wipes per three months and over 8,000 for the first year!

What are the costs of a year's supply of baby wipes?

We know that on average, a baby will use up to 8,000 baby wipes in their first year. Regardless of the brand and the size in which they come in, the cost of wipes can add up to around $160 to $480 per child. A child’s worth of wipes can cost between $13 to $40 each month.

Before spending hundreds of dollars on disposable wipes, consider buying reusable baby wipes!

Save you money and the environment with reusable baby wipes!

Cloth baby wipes are a nice way to invest in a baby’s future. Enjoy the savings that can happen in a baby’s first three years as it goes through around six thousand diaper changes and thousands more baby wipes.


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