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.... is lingerie Revo-Lunar & Conscious; an ecological alternative to disposable sanitary products for positive menstruation and zero waste.

Description of the Bikini panties

The Bikini is ideal to feel like in your usual underwear!

1 pair of panties + 3 pads + 1 carry bag

With its low cut, the Bikini is one of our most popular classics!


  • The daytime model is multi-functional.
  • 1 pad integrated in the panty for a light flow: the equivalent of a pantiliner.
  • 3 removable pads to insert and change as needed on heavier days: the equivalent of 3 regular sanitary pads.
  • The daytime panty can be worn alone on light flow days or with the menstrual cup for added security.
  • The removable pads inserted in the pockets allow more absorption, security and comfort for heavy flow days.
  • Each daytime panty comes with 3 removable pads, in a small anti-fluid fabric carrying bag with 2 sections: one for clean pads and one to insert used pads.

To ensure you order the right size, please consult the size chart.

    Here are the 2 steps to select the size that fits you!

    1. Measure the circumference of hip, at the widest point, as shown in the photo below.
    2. Compare the measurement to the size chart. There you will find the size of the corresponding underwear. Your Mrs. L'Ovary will fit you perfectly!
    3. If you are between two measurements we recommend to take the size above for more comfort.



    Removable towel :

    • 3 layers of cotton fleece
    • 1 layer of anti-fluid

    Pants :

    • 1 layer of polar cotton
    • 1 layer of anti-fluid


    FAQ Mrs. L'Ovary

    Why is Mme L'Ovary unique?

    Each pair of Mme L'Ovary day panties includes 3 removable pads that allow you to use the same panties all day long and to stay dry by changing the removable pads according to your flow.

    In other words, 1 pair of Mrs. Ovary's daytime panties is equivalent to 3 menstrual panties.

    It's a practical and economical advantage signed Mme L'Ovary

    If I already use the cup, do I need Mrs L'Ovary?

    YES! Without a doubt.

    Mrs. L'Ovary is the best friend of the haircut: an ideal complement (or replacement).

    It allows you to choose the times when you want to let the natural flow go without inserting the cup or holding the blood inside (something that can sometimes be uncomfortable by amplifying the intensity of menstrual cramps).

    Also, even if you wear the cup continuously, it is a good idea to have an alternative for the night. According to Health Canada and many gynecologists, the menstrual cup should not stay in your vagina for more than 4 to 6 hours. Think About It!

    How do I wash and care for my Mrs. L'Ovary?

    Mrs. L'Ovary can be washed just like normal panties, except that you have to soak or rinse them first to remove the blood. As simple as that!

    Quick and easy to wash

    It's just like washing a "normal" panty except that there is one more step: rinsing in cold water.

    1- Rinsing: we place the panties, the removable towels and the small transport bag in a bowl of cold water. We extract the blood from the fabric. Discard the water.

    2- Washing: by hand or machine, in warm water with a mild soap (preferably biodegradable!) Add a few drops of essential oil of tea tree for an anti-bacterial action.

    3- Drying: in the sun, in the air or in the dryer!

    Bring your cycle full circle!
    Mrs. L'Ovary is proud to allow you to have a zero waste menstruation.
    She would also like to encourage you to give your blood back to the earth by feeding your plants and your garden (it's a very powerful fertilizer!), while putting in an intention of gratitude for our planet.
    Sharing our blood is a simple gesture that has a real and radical positive impact: instead of being considered as waste and a source of pollution, our blood becomes a source of life and wealth.

    How many panties do I need to complete my cycle?

    The most accurate answer is: it depends...

    • The length of your period (3, 5, 7 days?)
    • The level of flow (light, moderate, heavy, very heavy?)
    • Your lifestyle (working at the office? at home? access to a toilet?)
    • Your lifestyle (do you prefer to hand wash as you go or have one wash at the end of your cycle?)
    • Your budget (if you can afford it, take enough to cover your cycle. You won't be disappointed).
    2 day panties + 1 night panty will give you a basic rotation for a moderate cycle of about 3 to 5 days.

    What is the life span of my Mrs. L'Ovary?

    They have the same life span as your "normal" panties but the difference is that you will wear them once a month (or maybe twice if you wear them twice in the same week). Hand washing increases their life span. If you take good care of them, they should work for many years!

    Does it work for heavy flow?

    Yes, Mrs. L'Ovary panties are designed for all types of flow. The difference is that women with heavy flows will change their removable pads more often than women with a moderate or light flow.

    The Ovary is a personal tool. Each woman must learn to use it according to her flow and her lifestyle for optimal comfort.

    What about odours?

    Strong odours are produced when the blood comes into contact with synthetic materials such as plastic. The chemical reaction between our blood and the chemical components contained in sanitary napkins or tampons is therefore responsible for the sometimes strong or unpleasant odours. We must not associate our menstrual blood with a smelly and embarrassing waste product!

    When the blood comes into contact with natural fibres such as cotton, the odour is much milder and neutral.

    We can therefore conclude that odours are not to be feared when wearing Mrs. L'Ovary.

    What makes the panties so absorbent?

    We have used different types of fabrics in a precise order and design to create maximum absorption while promoting waterproofness.

    Our pants are made of fleece, PUL (also used in the manufacture of cloth diapers) and an anti-fluid fabric.

    What is the difference between the Nighty and the daytime panties (Bikini & Shorty)?

    NIGHTY: The nighty is used on its own, as is. The absorbent fabrics are sewn directly into the panty. The absorption surface is larger and protects you from the back as well as the front. Whether you sleep on your back or on your stomach, you can sleep soundly... It absorbs the equivalent of a MAXI sanitary napkin.

    DAY: The daytime pants have a built-in protection that is the equivalent of a panty liner. However, the pocket inside the panty allows you to add removable pads and increase the level of protection to the equivalent of a MAXI pad. You can change the removable sanitary pads as the day progresses.

    Where is it made? Is it made in Quebec?

    Ms. L'Ovary, it's a Quebec initiative with an ECO-RESPONSIBLE and ETHICAL perspective.

    We design everything in Quebec, and then we go to the city of Medellin in Colombia (nicknamed the "capital of panties" due to the expertise of its seamstresses!), for the manufacturing that we manage and supervise ourselves on site.

    Is Mme L'Ovary made of organic cotton?

    We use a layer of organic absorbent fabric made in Canada but the panties are not made entirely of organic cotton. A 100% organic panty would be more expensive and our goal is to make it accessible to as many women as possible, regardless of their budget! We plan to offer the 100% organic option in the future.

    Do your fabrics contain silver nanoparticles?

    No, we have made the choice not to use chemical fabric treatment processes with metal nanoparticles.

    Unlike other brands of menstrual panties, we prefer to avoid these processes because there are no studies yet that prove that there is no danger for the health of the users.

    What is Mrs. L'Ovary's return and guarantee policy?

    Due to their intimate nature, we do not have a return policy on products sold or shipped. Mme L'Ovary panties have been designed with great care, expertise and love (obviously!) to best meet your needs and desires. However, if you feel that we can improve on any aspect of them, please feel free to share your experience with us and we will remedy it in the best way possible.