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Medela Nipple Shields and Pouch are a short-term solution to facilitate breastfeeding when latching on is difficult or painful, as they protect irritated nipples and help your baby latch on more easily.

Facilitates breastfeeding if breastfeeding is difficult or painful or if you have umbilical or flat nipples.

Protects sensitive, chapped or cracked nipples during breastfeeding

Made of transparent silicone, ultra thin and very soft, they offer excellent comfort for sensitive skin.

Safe and tasteless for your baby

Their shape optimizes skin-to-skin contact between you and your baby


Purchase includes:

Two nipple shields and case in a carrying and storage box.

Available in three sizes:

  • 16 mm
  • 20 mm
  • 24 mm

What is a Nipple Shield and Pouch?

A nipple shield and pouch is a thin piece of soft silicone that you place on your nipple to protect it before breastfeeding. It has holes in the end to let your milk flow into your baby's mouth. Some moms are concerned that a "barrier" between them and their baby may interfere with the intimacy of breastfeeding. The Medela Nipple Shields and Pouch have an open cut-out so that you can make the most of the skin-to-skin contact.

When to use the Nipple Shield and Pouch?

There are three main situations in which to use the Nipple Shield and Pouch:

  • if you have irritated or chapped nipples or if you have nipple pain;
  • if you have flat or umbilical nipples;
  • if your baby has difficulty latching on and is not drinking milk properly.

Your lactation consultant or lactation specialist will be able to advise you, tell you whether the nipple shields and pouch are suitable for you and support you in your future breastfeeding expectations.

How do I use the Nipple Shield and Pouch?

After washing your hands with drinking water and drying them thoroughly, grasp the wings of the shield to position it correctly. Moisten the nipple shield and sheath with clean water to help the shield adhere more easily. Read the shield instructions for more details on how to position the shield. The nipple shields and pouch should fit comfortably to your nipple without pinching. Medela's nipple shields and pouch come in three sizes, so you can find the one that best suits your anatomy, thanks to our detailed how-to guide. Remember that you will need to clean them after each use and disinfect them daily. The easiest way to do this is to use a microwave disinfection pouch. See the detailed cleaning and disinfection instructions. The nipple shields and pouch come in a handy carrying case to protect them between uses.

Nipple shields and pouch for irritated nipples

Chapped or irritated nipples have many causes. So it's important to identify them before deciding how to treat them. If you have irritated nipples, for example, you can first try hydrogel pads or cups and ask for lactation support. If the situation doesn't improve, nipple shields and pouches will protect your nipples while allowing you to continue breastfeeding. Made of ultra-thin and very soft silicone, they are comfortable to wear, even on a chapped, irritated or sore nipple.

Nipple shields and case for flat or umbilical nipples

If you have flat or umbilical nipples, your baby may have difficulty latching on, especially at a very young age. However, breastfeeding is not impossible! Flat or umbilical nipples may not reach your baby's palate during feeding, so the sucking reflex may not be triggered. Nipple shields and pouches can help extend your nipple. They are tasteless and do not interfere with your baby's habits when you use them.

Helping your baby to latch on

As noted above, a nipple shield and pouch provides a wider, firmer grip for a baby who has difficulty latching on. Your lactation consultant or lactation specialist can check your baby's latch when you use the Nipple Shield and Pouch. You will also need to monitor your baby's weight gain to make sure that your milk supply is meeting his needs.1 Generally, nipple shields and pouches provide a short-term solution. Over time, your baby will become more confident in sucking, you will get used to breastfeeding, and you will be able to remove the nipple shields and pouch.

For hygienic reasons, breast pumps and accessories cannot be returned once opened. This is a product for personal use.