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Savonnerie des Diligences

Savonnerie des Diligences - LE COCHER - Bewitching orange soap




A soap that carries us in the pleasure of the senses. Its woody and sweet aromas give it a comforting side: a real tonic that is bewitching for the nervous system! Bitter orange is known for its calming properties while patchouli is an aphrodisiac: a happy blend! Turmeric gives the beautiful warm and golden colour for the pleasure of the eyes.

A 100% natural soap with olive oil

Size: 100g

Note from the soap maker : This emblematic recipe of the Savonnerie des Diligences carries the soap maker's print, symbol of the originality of his creation.

Ingredients : Oils (olive, organic coconut, beeswax), water, sodium hydroxide, essential oils of bitter orange and patchouli, turmeric.

Handmade in Quebec

The coachman. Follow the scent of this legend...

The story takes place in Eastman, or rather Dingman's Flat, the name of the village at the end of the 19th century, named after a rich English equestrian farm owned by John Dingman. Owner of several valuable thoroughbred horses, Mr. Dingman hired Édouard Petitpas as a groom. Petitpas worked hard from dawn to dusk and then slept in a modest shack near the stable. He liked to take care of these feisty beasts, but that didn't stop him from dreaming of becoming a coachman. From his earliest childhood, he saw himself elegantly dressed, driving an eight-horse stagecoach, admired by all to lead it diligently on the path of the Diligences.

One Thanksgiving Day, Mr. Dingman, who liked to wow the gallery, had a reception for his family and friends at the Silver Valley Hotel, and thought of inviting his faithful employee Edouard. The latter, though intimidated, gladly accepted the invitation. A sumptuous dinner awaited the guests, and Edward took the opportunity to taste everything. His preference was for fragrant, plump pieces of orange. As his modest condition did not allow him to afford them, he did not think it wrong to bring some back, claiming that these oranges had simply bewitched him.

At the stroke of midnight, when he had drunk a little too much, his dream of becoming a coachman resurfaced more than ever. "Come what may, it's a chance to hitch the farm's two most beautiful stallions to the owner's wagon!" Just as he was leaving the farm's main driveway, the two horses got carried away. Edward lost his balance and went to hit his head on a 100-year-old white pine trunk. He woke up in the infirmary and was severely scolded by Dingman... for stealing oranges!

The incident allowed Édouard to make his boss understand that he had justified ambitions for such a conscientious groom. A few years later, Édouard became the village coachman and was able to buy as many oranges as he wanted!

You won't find the Dingman Farm in Eastman, but a visit to the Écurie des Diligences, just across from the Savonnerie, will remind you of the history of the Coachman!

Author: Carol Laperrière
Reviewer: Venise Landry
Translator: Christopher Carrie