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Ola Bamboo - Ecological Bamboo Products

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Beautiful and eco-friendly bamboo products by Ola Bamboo

If you want to reduce the amount of plastic, paper and other disposable materials you use, there are many eco-friendly bamboo products you can use.

Bamboo is much more sustainable than plastic and paper because this variety of trees grow quickly, are renewable, absorb large amounts of CO2 and produce more oxygen than other trees. Unlike trees, bamboo forests can regenerate in 3 to 5 years and thrive without the need for pesticides.

After use, many bamboo products can simply be composted and biodegrade naturally.

Our consumption of plastic, especially single-use plastic, has become a pollution problem in Canada and globally. Plastic is present in our oceans, damaging ecosystems and even entering our food chain. Eliminating waste starts with conscious choices.

Our shop distributes a wide range of bamboo products from the company Ola Bamboo

Eco-Friendly Dental Hygiene Products

Ola Bamboo develops dental hygiene products from bamboo, one of the most ecological crops available. A great alternative to plastic, they greatly reduce the amount of waste we create.

There are many reasons why people turn to bamboo toothbrushes instead of nylon. There are many different types of toothbrushes and you want to get the one that works best for your teeth.

Why choose a bamboo toothbrush?

Bamboo toothbrushes made by Ola Bamboo are a popular alternative to plastic for many reasons. They are more environmentally friendly, antimicrobial (they fight germs) and biodegradable. Each one of the plastic toothbrushes you buy will take many years to decompose, whereas natural bamboo toothbrushes have the same impact as a fallen branch. Choosing eco toothbrushes brings you closer to your zero waste goal!

Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrushes

The charcoal toothbrush is more effective in cleaning sensitive gum tissue, removing plaque, bad breath and making your teeth look brighter all the time. Choose toothbrushes that combine ecology and efficiency with Ola Bamboo toothbrushes.

Bamboo toothbrushes - child - soft bristles

The toothbrushes for children Ola Bamboo toothbrushes for kids make tooth brushing time even more fun! These products are perfect for little mouths and have soft bristles. If you care about both oral hygiene and environmental safety, reduce the waste created by plastic toothbrushes with an Ola Bamboo toothbrush.

Dental floss made of bamboo

Compared to ordinary nylon or Teflon floss (which are different types of plastic), bamboo floss is a very good alternative everyone should use as a complement to toothbrushes. Floss made of bamboo is fully compostable, thus creating no waste. It starts to decompose after 60 to 90 days. The cardboard container is an environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional plastic floss container.

Ecological Personal Care Products using Bamboo

The makeup remover pads from Ola Bamboo are super soft and fluffy and are perfect for deep cleaning your pores and effectively removing all makeup, sunscreen, chemicals and cosmetics. They leave your face smooth, soft and clear, while bringing you closer to zero waste.

Made from a special bamboo, Ola Bamboo pads remove makeup by breaking down the surface tension of the ingredients that bind your makeup to your face.

Our eco products are effective in removing dirt and oil, in just seconds, with a makeup remover.

How to use Ola Bamboo’s ecological makeup remover

  • Bamboo makeup removers.

  • Perfect for travel, wiping away sweat, cleaning.

  • The gym or daily cleaning.

  • Cleaning babies' eyes/face/nose.

  • Cleaning pets' sensitive areas

Ola Bamboo products that are perfect for your home

Eco-Friendly Bamboo straws

You've probably heard about the staggering number of plastic straws that are used and the impact this has on our environment. Ola Bamboo prefers to abandon plastic and choose a reusable bamboo straw. No inks, no dyes, no more straws to throw away.

They are durable, beautiful and made in nature. Juice, iced tea, smoothies or cocktails, kombucha, whatever drink you or your kids prefer, a reusable bamboo straw completes the picture. Enjoy your eco straws without feeling guilty.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo utensils

The eco bamboo utensils, the cooking utensils and utensils for children from Ola Bamboo are made from a single piece of bamboo, without glue or lacquer. This collection of organic children's products is inspired by wellness-minded parents who are looking for natural alternatives to plastic.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo plates

No mess, less stress, food that flies off when a baby's plate is thrown is no fun. This eco bamboo plate is placed on a silicone ring that sucks towards the table. So you can relax and use this bamboo plate to eat easily and clean up even easier!

Ola Bamboo is an environmental option,

100% biodegradable products