Savonnerie des Diligences | MADAME AFRICA| Natural soap 50% shea

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Entreprise québécoise, fabrication locale






A natural soap with 50% fair trade shea butter from Mali, without essential oil, which is suitable for sensitive or irritated skin and for babies, from birth. Mama Africa is especially loved by skins that tolerate almost nothing. Its creamy, rich and velvety foam makes the moisturizing soap for the skin a real caress

A 100% natural soap with olive oil

Size: 100g


Note from the soapmaker : Shea butter makes the soap harder, which extends the life of its use.


Ingredients: Oils (fair trade shea butter (50%), olive, organic coconut, beeswax), water, sodium hydroxide.


Handmade in Quebec



Some people dare to build a life bigger than their dream, despite all the uncertainties and pitfalls they must cross. From a young age, Euphrasie Mougalinda, an African from Mali, wanted to learn at the big school to one day become a woman of letters. Her mother, who worked hard in the commune of Sissili making shea butter, had always encouraged her. 

The Mama, despite her exhaustion, always took care to coat her children with shea, this nut-smelling paste before bedtime (and not in the morning because the dust of the dirt roads sticks to the legs!), which protected them from possible cracks in the feet, which could be dangerous or even fatal.

Euphrasia grew up with books from the small library, going three times a week to the normal school in the nearby village where she learned to read and write perfectly. When she turned 21 in 1974, she entered the University of Ouagadougou. You should have seen Euphrasia, so proud to be the only woman among a slim cohort of twelve literature students! 

The university, in its first year of foundation, there was a shortage of professors in Mali. This is how a young Quebecer from Compton, Jean-Pierre Desforges, tempted by the experience of going to teach poetry, found himself under the eyes of Euphrasia. From the first glance exchanged, Euphrasia and Jean-Pierre were crossed by Cupid's arrow. Three years later, Euphrasia did not hesitate to follow Jean-Pierre to his "cold country". 

She was surprised to see, through her African woman's gaze, that exoticism is found in Quebec! The particularity of the four seasons which unfold in majestic landscapes, winter, snow, this snow so difficult to describe to her parents in her letters... All in all, she was living a beautiful love story, and not only with his Jean-Pierre, also with the cold country. 

Out of respect for her Mama Africa, she continued the ritual inherited from her childhood and, every evening, let the butter melt in the hollow of her palm, then spread it on her skin with love. He had been warned, the country of the cold risked altering his skin. Yet, season after season, and despite the gusts of wind and sudden changes in temperature, her skin remained silky smooth and hydrated. She was the envy of everyone in the village, so beautiful and without makeup! She did not know makeup, for Euphrasia, beauty rhymed with simplicity. It is this simplicity, and her generosity, that pushed her to share the secret of her beauty. This "secret" spread as surely as the shea spread its benefits on the skins harshly exposed to Quebec winters! 

So how will you not have a thought for "Mama Africa" by extracting every benefit from this shea on your skin?  

Thanks to B. for her story which inspired the legend of Mama Africa.

Author: Carol Laperrière
Reviewer: Venice Landry
Translator: Christopher Carrie