Savonnerie des Diligences | MADAME BUTTERNUT | Pumpkin soap

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Entreprise québécoise, fabrication locale






Beta carotene softens the skin, oils warm the heart, a unique blend with Quebec pumpkin. A good smell of pumpkin pie, thanks to a mixture of spicy and bewitching essential oils!


Note from the soapmaker:  Pumpkin flesh is known to leave hands soft. This explains why we had the audacity to put it in a soap! And it works!


Ingredients: Oils (olive, organic coconut, beeswax), pumpkin puree, water, sodium hydroxide, essential oils of bitter orange, blood orange, ylang-ylang , black pepper, rosemary extract.


Follow the scent of this legend...

Ernestine Butternut, born in 1901 in North Hatley, a small English-speaking village in the Eastern Townships, raised her children with creativity and perseverance. "Go to the end of your dreams", she repeated to her descendants. Once her children grew up, she realized that she had given them everything, and that she didn't have much left. She was not long in admitting that she had failed to put her own advice into practice!

She decided to start making squash and pumpkin pastries. With great pies and muffins, she quickly became the "granny cake" from the village. Savoring those few bites of local fame, she realized she had a bigger appetite than she thought. Taking pleasure in managing and ingesting her opulent creation, she gained weight. Was it a secret desire to be noticed? Still, the desire tormented her to open her production to the whole world! She decided to start with Ireland, a country that had always held a fascination for her, even claiming to be a distant relative there.

In 1954, plucking up her courage, she crossed the ocean in hopes of finding a business partner. She got an appointment with the owner of the Guinness brewery and confided her project to him with passion. Mr. Guinness, Sir Hugh Beaver, bright as he was, had other plans in mind, as he was about to publish the first Guinness Book of Records. But Mrs. Butternut did not return empty-handed, this meeting had inspired her with an idea.

Upon her return, she hastened to organize the first competitions for the biggest pumpkin. She swept the prizes one after the other, which pleased her, but did not remove a weight from her conscience. Her gourds had become so fleshy and so fat, the raw material so superabundant and cumbersome, that she .... that she ... threw some in the garbage. One of those particularly heavy days, to ease her conscience, she ventured to make a soap with her surplus pumpkin flesh.

She put her soap on the market, and to her surprise, it immediately became a hit, surpassing the fame of her most popular pastries. It was said to be unctuous, softening, moisturizing, caressing... It allowed it to be recognized, not only in its locality, but everywhere in Quebec... and in Ireland.

It is said that from that day Mrs. Butternut returned to a healthy weight.

Author: Marie-Eve Lejour
Editor: Venice Landry
Translator: Christopher Carrie


Handmade in Quebec