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Savonnerie des Diligences

Savonnerie des Diligences - LE PATRIOTE - Lavender and Eucalyptus Soap




This soap is ideal for body, face and hair and is a great choice for outdoor! Lavender soothes itchy skin from insect and wasp stings, and eucalyptus is known for its decongestant and anti-parasitic properties.

A 100% natural soap with olive oil

Size: 100g

Tip from the soap maker : This eucalyptus soap opens the respiratory tract. Used in the morning, it awakens the senses and creates an open mind for a welcoming new day.

Ingredients: Oils (olive, organic coconut, beeswax), water, sodium hydroxide, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils, ultramarine blue.

Handmade in Quebec

The Patriot. Follow the scent of this legend...

In the year 1838, "Ti-Jacques" Marceau, a brave and courageous man, joined the ranks of the Patriotes, a rebel organization set up to liberate New France from the yoke of the English. Ti-Jacques quickly became an indispensable messenger, carrying the coded missives of the leaders of the Rebellion, Nelson and Papineau. On the eve of a planned attack on an arms depot at Kahnawake, he fell into an ambush and was captured. He and 57 other Sons of Liberty fighters were charged and tried before an impromptu military tribunal. His sentence was carried out; exile for seven years in Australia.

At the bottom of the frigate's holds, it was five months of seasickness, living in darkness, neither eating nor drinking to satiety, in intolerable promiscuity. However, what Ti-Jacques, with his keen sense of smell, found the most difficult was the pestilential odour emanating from the place devoid of the most basic hygiene. When he arrived in Sydney, he felt a great relief to put his nose outside.

But this relief lasted only for a breath, as hard labor awaited our man. His robust constitution had earned him a job building Australia's roads, and he was breaking rock day after day, hour after hour. His comfort was an environment of towering eucalyptus trees, dancing in the wind, and breathing in the fragrance of the wind. He particularly liked their smell in the rainy season, those days when, opening his nostrils wide, it seemed to him that oxygen was entering his lungs in a powerful way. This increased his zeal for work tenfold and resulted in a remission of his sentence for exemplary conduct. So he began to prepare for his return to his native country sooner than expected.

Ti-Jacques was walking along the wharf in Sydney Harbour, making plans for his return. Suddenly, with his sense of smell on the lookout, his nostrils tickled, he looked for the source of a rather peculiar odour. No plant or tree on the horizon, only Mary Barrett walking slowly, her hair blowing in the wind under her umbrella. Magnetized, he approached her. A sweet scent of lavender seized her sense of smell, and her spirit. He had no choice but to follow her. As he walked along, he grew bolder and approached her, complimenting her on her perfume. A mysterious compatibility helped, they agreed to meet far from prying eyes.

It soon became clear that these two beings could do more than just smell each other, they loved each other. Ti-Jacques didn't hesitate to settle permanently in Australia.

Author: Marie-Eve Lejour

Reviewer: Venise Landry

Translator: Christopher Carrie