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Savonnerie des Diligences

Savonnerie des Diligences - L'ARTISTE PEINTRE - Vanilla, Orange and Cypress Soap




This ultra-moisturizing body, face and hair soap is suitable for all skin types. Its soft and sweet scent will relief tired people, and will stimulate good mood. Its original composition of essential oils of vanilla married with cypress and orange makes it a wonderful choice of soap to celebrate the arrival of spring!

A 100% natural soap with olive oil

Size: 100g

Ingredients : Oils (olive, organic coconut, beeswax), water, sodium hydroxide, essential oils of vanilla, cypress and orange, iron oxide (orange), ultramarine green.

Handmade in Quebec

The legend of the painter

The young Félix Lumignon grew up in the small village of Caucade, perched between the sea and the mountains. This is where the Nice orange is grown, known for its abundant and fragrant juice. As an only child, his leisure time consisted in teasing the fish at the village quay. Under the warm sun of Provence, time went by so slowly, fortunately he always brought his crayons. As time went by, what started out as spontaneous sketches turned into more and more refined drawings.

At the age of 12, Felix's grandfather, seeing that the young boy was assiduous in his drawing, decided to give him an easel. Since the grandfather's eyesight was poor, he made him a large easel, which proved cumbersome to carry to the dock. Felix got into the habit of painting his canvases, now large, in the courtyard of his mother Adrienne's bakery. Sitting in the shade of the old cypress trees, he waited for the pastry chef to make a batch of creamy vanilla cakes, and as soon as the sweet, fine smell invaded the courtyard, he set to work, lifted by an angelic breath. Customers would sometimes stop for long hours to admire the artist at work. A style was born at a glance.

One day, a passing customer took an interest in his work. This client, Mr. Chanteduc, owner of an art gallery in Nice, suggested to the budding artist that he entrust him with a few paintings in order to exhibit them for all to see. The gallery owner was right; to the great surprise of the young Lumignon, the paintings were a resounding success.

Years later, a painting by Lumignon ended up in the home of a collector in the village of Eastman. As soon as Sébastien, the village soap maker, saw it, he was struck by this composition of green and orange running on a white background and let himself be impregnated by this organic beauty. By contemplating and smelling the orange, cypress and vanilla soap, you have the proof, once again, that between great creators, inspiration passes.

Author: Carol Laperrière
Reviewer: Venise Landry
Translator: Christopher Carrie