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Savonnerie des Diligences

Savonnerie des Diligences - LADY MELLOW - Rosewood and Lavender Soap




This soap is baby friendly: the fine marriage of lavender, patchouli and rosewood offer little ones a bewitching, calming, toning and regenerating experience. It is very soft. Its comforting and soothing scent sets the table just before applying the butter. It is excellent as an outdoor soap!

A 100% natural soap with olive oil.

Size: 100g

Note from the soap maker : this soap was born from the great success of Mellow's wellness body butter. It is the favourite of the owner and founder of the Soapery. For her, Lady Mellow, it is the smell of babies.

Ingredients: Oils (olive, organic coconut, beeswax), water, sodium hydroxide, essential oils of lavender, rosewood and patchouli.

Handmade in Quebec

The legend of Lady Mellow. Follow the scent of that legend...

This legend comes to us directly from Ruisseau Danseur, a charming village in the Mauricie region where was born the woman who was nicknamed, from a young age, Lady Mellow for her gentleness and her greatness of soul. Of distant Irish descent, the young woman had grown up in a French-speaking family of seven daughters. Just out of her teens, she found a handsome suitor and soon got married.

Barely married for a few months, the young woman was overwhelmed by a terrible misfortune. Her husband died, crushed by a tractor, before her eyes. Her heartbreak was such that she decided to never let another lover into her life.

Every morning, to soothe her mind from the nightmare of her nights, she wandered through the garden surrounding the huge house built by the hands of her beloved husband. She smelled the scent of roses and lavender, her favorite aromas. After her walk, she felt strangely soothed, but still as lonely as ever. So she decided to give herself some companions. One by one, seven cats arrived under her roof. By dint of observing them, a conviction took root in her; the cat breed was exchanging with the invisible world.

Lady Mellow devoted most of her time to the poor, and it is a popular belief that whenever the widow touched the shoulder of a suffering or unhappy person with her tapered hand, that person felt an immediate inner well-being. It was only in the last days of her life that she knew that Minaura, her most affectionate cat, had passed on to her the gift of appeasing others.

The gift she had inherited from her cat greatly impressed the villagers' imaginations, and for years after her death, around Lady Mellow's house, strange sounds could be heard around the house, sounds like a baby crying ... or a cat meowing!

Author: Carol Laperrière

Reviewer: Venise Landry

Translator: Christopher Carrie