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JOKA - Washable diaper with pocket - large - [Any pattern] Sunny lemons




Pocket diaper, made locally by 2 super ''mom-entrepreneurs'' for the greatest comfort of your little ones. The one size diaper that fits the smallest babies best. Our first recommendation for babies with small thighs. Also available in a large one size for babies with a little more thigh or older.


  • One size fits all, regular or large depending on the option chosen
  • Includes a pocket for absorbent inserts
  • Adjustable with snaps.
  • Can also be used as a pool diaper (without insert)
  • Inner lining made of athletic fabric (AWJ)
  • Sold without absorbent inserts


  • The one size is suitable for children whose weight is between 8 and 35 pounds (approximately)
  • The large size is suitable for children weighing between 20 and 45 pounds (approximately)

Recommended daytime inserts (your choice)

Joka all-bamboo day insert:

Joka regular day insert:

Available here:

Fabric composition

Outer shell: 100% polyester laminate

Interior : 100% polyester

      Care instructions

      First, remove excess solids in the toilet or a trash can. The use of a washable or disposable diaper liner can simplify the task at this stage.

      Then store the soiled diapers in a dry place until it is time to wash them. We recommend using a waterproof bag or a diaper basket/bin.

      Pre-wash the diapers in cold water on a short cycle, taking care to remove the inserts beforehand. Machine wash a second time in warm or hot water on a long heavy duty cycle. Make sure your water is not boiling to avoid damaging the waterproofing of your diapers. Make sure you have to have enough diapers to obtain a good friction between them, but also avoid overfilling the tank for the same reason.

      Hang diapers to dry in the sun or dry in the dryer on low heat. The sun helps to remove stubborn stains, but avoid leaving the diapers in the sun for too long.The sun helps remove stubborn stains, but don't leave diapers in the sun too long once they are dry to avoid premature damage to your elastics. If you use a clothesline, we recommend that you lay them horizontally (on the longer side) to avoid stretching your elastics over time, especially for all-in-one diapers. In our personal experience, using the dryer at low temperature preserves our elastics longer than laying the diapers in the sun.

      Clean soiled diapers ideally every 2-3 days.

      Do not use bleach or fabric softener to avoid damaging them.

      Use only diaper creams that are compatible with cloth diapers.

        Made in Quebec