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Alva Baby

ALVA • Set of washable sanitary pads • Medium





Set of three (3) regular sanitary pads and a matching waterproof mini bag. Washable sanitary pads are a perfect eco-friendly alternative to disposable products. Try them out! They are much more comfortable than disposal pads!  

Three availables sizes

Small : 20,5 cm in length (panty-liner)

Medium : 26 cm in length (light to medium flow)

Large : 30,5 cm in length (light to heavy flow)



Wash sanitary napkins before first use; 

Several washes may be necessary before having maximum absorption capacity; 


Tips & Care 

Store washable sanitary pads in a dry place until you are ready to wash. We recommend you to use of a waterproof bag.

Machine pre-wash sanitary pads in a short cold water cycle. Machine wash a second time in cold or lukewarm water on a regular cycle to which you can add more washing items. Make sure you have enough items in your tub to get good friction between your sanitary pads.

Hang sanitary pads to dry in the sun or tumble dry on low heat. Sun helps remove wash-resistant stains.

Do not use bleach or fabric softener to avoid damaging it.


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