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Welcome to the colourful world of Slipstop! Not only children, but also parents will take happy, safe and stylish steps with Slipstop on the beach, at the pool and in so many other places.

Introduced in 2014, with the slogan "The end of hot sand and slippery surfaces", Slipstop quickly became a hit with kids, with its bright colors and cute patterns. Seeing how comfortable and fun their kids are, parents started asking about adult sizes and models for moms and dads took over the shelves in select stores. Beaches and pools are now fun and safe for parents too!

Soon we will have Slipstop for adults in our online store Aux P'tits Cadeaux.

Slipstop products are made in Turkey. Their anti-slip slippers have a unique position in the market in terms of design and technological features.

Parents often worry about slips and falls, feet on hot sand and objects that could hurt children when they are at the beach or pool. Aux P'tits Cadeaux now distributes the Slipstop non-slip slippers, so that your children can have fun in complete safety.

Some features of Slipstop products:


They can be used in a variety of places and occasions, indoors and outdoors such as the pool, sea, beach, boat, kindergarten, playground, gym, pilates or yoga, home and bathroom.

Protect your feet

Slipstop shoes protect your feet from hot sand on the beach and help reduce the risk of slipping on wet, slippery floors, thanks to their firm grip soles.

Lightweight, flexible and comfortable:

Most water shoes are bulky, awkward to wear and uncomfortable for your child. Slipstop slippers are different. Your child will barely notice them while playing, thanks to their ultra-lightweight design that includes a soft, flexible material that won't rub or restrict movement, making them incredibly comfortable all day long.

Easy to wear and remove like a sock:

There simply isn't a kid's water shoe on the market that is easier to put on or take off. Putting Slipstop on your child's feet is as easy as putting on a pair of socks, thanks to the soft, flexible upper and elastic collar that stretches effortlessly to fit your child's feet, wet or dry.

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Size Guide





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0-12 months





12-24 months





2-4 years old

Please refer to the size chart for each pair of slippers to get the most accurate information about them. As a general rule, you should buy the Slipstop size that matches your child's usual shoe size.

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