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Omaïki - Trainers and Potty Training Products

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Omaïki makes an eco-responsible line of products, they propose sustainable and reusable options for children’s bibs and diapers as well as female hygiene products. Omaïki is most commonly known as a brand that makes trainers and potty training products for toddlers. Start potty training your children the right way with trustworthy products that were made by parents, for parents. Both you and your children will enjoy and take advantage of these products.

Omaïki’s reusable product list

Made in Canada since 2007, when you support Omaïki you support the Canadian economy. Omaïki products are eco-friendly and durable options. The company started off with the cloth diaper and since then has evolved to hold a large variety of reusable products. For the future of your children and of the planet, buy the following reusable products and create a cleaner environment.

Cloth diapers

The cloth diaper for babies is the original product created by Omaïki. It is a great product to become more sustainable and reduce the amount of waste individually produced. Rest assured knowing that the quality structure will keep all accidents within the cloth diaper and will be absorbed by a good quality liner.

Swimsuit diapers / Pool diapers

Omaïki also has perfected the best swimsuit diaper. Your children will be comfortable in the water and have a swimsuit that does not get heavy and saggy once it is wet. Try the reusable swimsuit diaper for your baby!

Menstrual and breasts pads

Omaïki makes hygiene products for people with menstruation, this line of products is called Lotus. Breast pads are very useful for people who are lactating, they protect women from wetting their shirts at inconvenient times: wear them at any time under your garments! Omaïki also has reusable menstrual pads for menstruation.

Daytime trainers and diapers

These are great for children that are in potty training. With their big-kid look, they give a lot of confidence to children. Their inner lining is absorbent enough to hold a big pee, and the waterproof liner will protect all surfaces like car seats, sofas, chairs, carpets and beds.

Evolutive bibs

The evolutive bibs are super useful for young children and babies that are extremely active and that like to remove their bibs. This bib is attached at the back of the neck with a pressure button which makes it difficult for children to remove. The bibs stay on the children’s front while they are open in the back and allow for a lot of room to be comfortable and active.

There are two different types of bibs, one bib has sleeves and the other is sleeveless. The most impressive feature of the bib is the fact that it fits children from 6 months to 36 months. With their 3 different adjustment clips, your children can grow up using the same bibs and you are using a sustainable option to keep them clean!

Dirty diaper wet bags and other accessories

Omaïki also manufactures dirty diaper wet bags. These are extremely practical when you are on the go: simply put the used diaper in the bag and the waterproof liner will keep everything inside. Throw everything in the washing machine when you get back home and the deal is done! Being sustainable has never been easier than with Omaïki.

There is a list of other accessories that you can find in the Omaïki line at AuxPtitsCadeaux. For example, accessories that some children require are extension bands for diapers, adjusting them depending on the size of the diaper. Other accessories include waterproof pouches, makeup removing tabs, makeup removing mittens, and many other useful accessories!

Try the best seller Omaïki Hero Night-Time Trainer

The Omaïki hero is a reusable panty designed to help older kids spend the night in security. The waistband is elastic and easy for your children to pull up and down when they need to go to the toilet. The Omaïki hero is very popular because it does not affect the coziness of your babies while they sleep. If there is an accident, everything stays inside the super-absorbent “hero” night-time trainer. The Omaïki Hero has the exterior that looks a lot like a normal brief, for toddlers learning to potty correctly this gives them confidence and helps them get better at potty training.

Special features of the Omaïki Hero night-time trainer

  • The Omaïki hero has different sizes available (from XS to XL, or 18-24m to 9-10y)

  • Looks just like regular underwear which gives confidence to potty training kids

  • Stretchable waistband makes it easy to pull up and down.

  • Super absorbent inner pocket for heavy wetters


Buy the potty trainers with the most positive customer reviews

The Omaïki products are loved by both the parents and the children who wear them! They are comfortable and useful, and our many clients have always left a positive review on the products they have bought from Omaïki. Our customers have also appreciated that the Omaïki products all have different motifs and colours. We are proud to offer a variety of gender-neutral Omaïki products!

Trusts AuxPtitsCadeaux to offer the highest quality products

As a children's product retailer, we strive to offer the most amazing products to our customers. Everything that you can find on our website has been tested and reviewed to guarantee a great experience for our clients. The Omaïki products have been certified and approved by many parents so, if you are new to using sustainable and reusable toddler products, you can trust that these are great products!

Care tips for our products and their accessories

Here are some tips on how to care for the products. We want to keep reusable products for as long as possible, this means that following the right care instructions is always a great option. We suggest that you always follow what the tag on the product instructs you to do. Most of the products made by Omaïki are both washing machine and dryer safe.

To care for them when they are stained, we suggest that you let them soak in washing product for a long time. Don’t put them in the dryer as it might make the stains even harder to be removed! You can also try to use stain removing products that were designed specifically for these products to remove all difficult stains.

See Omaiki’s detergent products to remove stains