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Jululu Bijoux

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Jululu Bijoux: the best baby accessories, at the right price!

Jululu Bijoux is a brand of products for babies from 0 to 24 months. It all started with homemade pacifier clips and, following the success of these products, the business took off! Since then, the company Jululu has continued to increase its offering of baby products and accessories.

Established in 2015, the goal was to offer baby products and accessories both of high quality and affordable: the perfect solution for moms and dads looking for good products at reasonable prices. Across the province, thousands of parents have put their trust in Jululu Bijoux products.

Find out more about Jululu Bijoux's featured products

The Zip-Friend: the perfect tool for easy dressing

The Zip Friend is a product designed to be attached to the zippers on your child's clothing to help them tie their coats themselves. This is the ideal product for empowering children and making them want to be more independent.

How to clean Jululu Bijoux's Zip Friend

For the maintenance of the zip friend and to ensure the health of your children, simply rub the product between your hands with a mild soap and rinse well afterwards. Wash the product regularly to minimize the spread of germs and keep your youngster healthy!

Consideration for the maintenance of the zip-friend: When you receive the product, please clean it before use. The Friend Zipper is not dishwasher safe. Please note, zip-friends are not designed for children teething.

Jululu's Pacifier Clip - Never Lose Your Pacifiers Again!

The pacifier clip fulfills a very important role: it attaches the baby's pacifier to their clothes. This is the ideal product for babies who enjoy throwing their pacifiers on the floor. No more searching for lost pacifiers when babies are in tears!

Jululu Bijoux pacifier clips are super safe products approved by Health Canada. They have very strong plastic ties and a cord length that meets Health Canada recommendations. Although these are pacifier clips, there are several other items that can be attached to be within reach of your child.

How to clean the Jululu Bijoux pacifier clip

The maintenance of this product is very simple: simply rub the pacifier clip between your hands with a mild soap and finally, of course, rinse well. Regularly clean the pacifier clip to minimize germs.

Something else to consider when maintaining the pacifier clip. Once purchased or received at home, wash the product before using it for the first time. Be careful not to put the product in the dishwasher to wash it, it could deform and damage the pacifier clip.

 Perfect barrette: the barrette for babies with not much hair

The Perfect Barrette is a product for babies who don’t have much hair! They are designed so that they can be securely attached to an infant's light hair. Finally a safe barrette that can be held on small fine hair or a simple down without hurting babies!

Affordable and safe products

Jululu's primary mission is to provide its customers with baby products that are both safe for children and affordable for families. The safety of your babies is important to us at AuxPtitsCadeaux, which is why we are committed to only selling safe products! Jululu Bijoux follows all of Health Canada's recommendations, so you can use it with confidence.